The Friends of Barrington Public Library is a nonprofit organization that supports the Barrington Public Library through fundraising and membership.

Founded in 1980, the Friends is a group of hundreds of library lovers in Barrington, RI and nearby communities.

Collector’s Edition Popeye Books for Sale

E. C. Segar’s POPEYE, published by award-winning Fantagraphics Books, Inc., from 2006 to 2012. Beautiful, complete, 6-volume set including “I Yam What I Yam,” “Well Blow Me Down,” “Let’s You and Him Fight,” “Plunder Island,” “Wha’s a Jeep,” and “Me Li’l Swee’Pea.” This Fantagraphics series collects the entirety of Segar’s original Popeye (a.k.a. Thimble Theatre) comic strip (dailies and color Sundays). The hardback books are 10.5″ by 14.8″ and in excellent condition. Five of the six volumes are out-of-print. $300.00. Interested? Contact the library’s Reference Department at 401-247-1920 ext. 2 and ask for Joyce.


About the Friends

The Friends raise funds to support more than 80% of library programs and many important services made available to library users. Here are some of the amazing ways the Friends support Barrington Public Library:

Love your library? Become a Friend! Your membership helps to enrich the entire community.